Paper Money of Sonora

.. by Simon Prendergast

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The Paper Currency of Sonora
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Welcome to this website, which is the result of over twenty years' research into the paper currency of the Mexican state of Sonora. A companion website is dedicated to the neighbouring state of Chihuahua.

For the purposes of this website I have defined Sonora paper currency rather loosely as including any item that is
(a)  printed on paper or a similar medium;
(b) negotiable, and usually payable to bearer;
(c) for a particular discrete amount, and
(d) proceeding from within the state of Sonora
though I have not considered this definition sacrosanct.

As such, the history of paper currency in Sonora probably began with colonial documents but its heyday ranged from the scarce company scrips of the 1880s to the emergency issues of 1935 and 1943. Within this period Sonora also had one bank of issue, the appropriately named Banco de Sonora, and saw currency issued by various factions during the revolution, in particular two issues by Maytorena's administration.

It should always be remembered that there were other types of currency in use, especially Mexican and American coins, notes issued by other Mexican banks and even American dollar bills, and that this history will be lopsided until these are brought into the picture. In particular, it should be noted that during the revolution both Carrancista and Villista currency were widely used, as is evidenced not only by documentary records but also by the resellos on Ejército Constitucionalista, Tesorería General de Chihuahua and Estado de Chihuahua notes.

For the sake of brevity I have presumed a knowledge of Mexican history and of the course of the revolution and apart from the explanations of how politics in Sonora affected the course of numismatics the few historical references are "to point a moral or adorn a tale".

This website also includes galleries of most Sonoran notes and the texts of most of the important documents (in Documents).